Friday, 14 October 2016

WALT: write a recount to decscribe my holiday

My holiday

On the holidays I was playing with Tumai on Roblox.I was having fun talking to Tumai.he played cool games. He said ” do you go to Kaikohe West School?” I said “ yes.” He said in room 1.?” I said yes “Tumai I said join me Tumai. “He said no” I messaged him please join me Tumai.

I hopped off and my Mum and Dad were watching a movie in the lounge. When I hopped off I was watching the movie with them. It was ghost was boring because it was scary.
I didn't like it .

After the movie I said good night and I went to bed and it was pitch black .Mum and dad went to bed too.I was really tired.

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