Friday, 29 July 2016

chicken Olympic

Chicken Olympics (JJ 36, 2007).

WALT: describe characters in the text.

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Answer in full sentences

1. Describe what Speckle looked like.
She was brown
2.  Describe what Dora looked like.
She was black.
3.  Describe what Fluff looked like.
She was brown
4.  What are 3 Olympic events the hens took part in?
  • Speed pecking.
  • head perching.
  • Pumpkin.
5. How many hens did Ruby and Ella have?
Ruby and Ella had 3 chickens.
6. Who was the best at speed feeding?
Speckle was the best at speed pecking.
7. What were the medals made of?
The medals were made of toast.

8. How do you know the hens liked their medals?
They gobbled their toast quickly.
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9. Choose 1 of the hens to draw in Sumo Paint.

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  1. Man seddon I like dora the black hen she looks so cool, and nice work as well I like the way your going.