Friday, 25 July 2014

Mana whenua

At school we are doing Mana whenua. Alex, Antinai and I did a poster about picking up rubish. Next time we need to add more colour and I think we did well by adding imformation


  1. WOW what a great poster. It sure looks like you guys worked well together. Seddon do you think maybe you could help Antinai and Alex add these pictures to their blogs too?

  2. Hi Seddon we like the decorations and the details you have put in your poster. It must have taken you a long time. We agree that picking up rubbish is important to take care of our land
    Room 4

  3. Hi Seddon, we think its cool, it must of took a lot of felt pens to do that. We agree that it is a good way of looking after papatoanuku. Shay & Quayshana.

  4. Wow Seddon what amazing colours you have used. I remember when I did a poster about rubbish and I had to add colour to my poster. but keep it up

  5. Wow Seddon, I like that amazing picture it is great and cool.
    you are good at writing and I hope you get better at it.